Missionary Wars

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A daily struggle ('war') is waged to save the lives of the indigenous peoples of these islands by the teams of several NGOs. On the island of Abemama, there are LDS, Catholic, Adventist & Baptist Medical Missionaries and schools. Viewers travel with different NGOs in each episode and experience the amazing lives of the native people as well as the adventures and logistical challenges faced by the NGOs, including reaching (by sailboats, etc.) and treating the medical, dental and eye problems of these wonderful people, many of whom endure dental procedures without the benefit of anesthesia while sitting under a palm-tree in a lawn chair. Set in the middle of some of the most picturesque tropical islands, death haunts even the children, where 2 out of 3 kids die before they reach their first birthday. In fact, they don't name kids until they reach their first birthday because of the infant mortality rate.'
“Missionary Wars” will be filmed on location at the extremely remote tropical atolls and islands in Kiribati, which are surrounded by an incredible oasis of life that exists on the coral reefs. Juxtaposed against this ‘oasis of life’ is the illness and death that stalks the children and adults living in this ocean domain. “Missionary Wars” will also highlight the unique culture as well as the struggles of the Kiribati people, who are suffering from a range of serious medical problems. Many children and adults die from a simple lack of clean drinking water and basic medical and dental care.
“These people have mastered their domain, in the same ways North American Indians had prior to the arrival of European settlers. For more than a thousand years, these islanders and their ancestors have carved-out a living in one of the most remote locations on earth using methods and techniques that are representative of the pinnacle of bush-craft skills. In additional to fishing skills, these islanders are highly effective in their use of coconut tree fibers to manufacture textiles and ropes, and are skilled craftsmen when it comes to using other materials from palm trees to construct durable housing and ocean going vessels that are capable of long distance voyaging. They are experts in utilizing various sea and terrestrial plant materials for both food and medicines. Even young children can make fire without any matches or modern strikers. However, with advent of the arrival of ‘modern ways’ and products on some of these islands via the copra trading boats, the islanders have fallen prey to modern vices (sugar, alcohol) and illnesses that are brought into the islands”-- Capt. William E. Simpson - Executive Producer & Creator

2010 - present

2010 - present

Bunker Diaries is a dramatic fiction that provides a situational analysis of apocalyptic survival by a family who retreats to their underground bunker after a surprise nuclear event. Once in their bunker they face the unforeseen challenges of survival in the claustrophobic confines of a bunker 20-feet underground, which is made worse by failures in the life support systems that are used in many civilian-grade bunkers being sold today.


This griping fiction is a study of the issues that may be faced by people who depend upon a bunker for survival and is based upon scenarios that can potentially occur in reality. As the family struggles for their very lives and to overcome the technical problems they encounter, their sanity is put to the test and provides readers with entertaining and interesting considerations that may serve to inform readers considering bunker survival.

Bunker Diaries

              **We are seeking Production Financiers ('Producers') for these two exciting projects!**


*Equipment Sponsors - Financial Producers* :: If interested in providing materials and/or equipment support, or if you are interested in becoming a 'Producer' for either project, Missionary Wars or Bunker Diaries, direct inquiry to: William E. Simpson  via email: captbillusmm@gmail.com


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